Oral Cancer

The term Oral Oncology or Oral malignancy incorporates tumors of the mouth and the pharynx. Most instances of oral cancer are an immediate consequence of cigarette smoking, overpowering alcohol use or the use of both tobacco and alcohol. The period of oral tumor is a champion among the most basic considers evaluating treatment options. A stage I oral tumor suggests the basic tumor is 2 cm transversely finished or little and no danger cells are accessible in contiguous structures, lymph nodes or other distal organs. Stage II oral tumor measures 2– 4 cm transversely finished and no growth cells are accessible in close structures, lymph nodes and distal sites. The oral tumor is bigger than 4 cm crosswise over and no growth cells are accessible in close-by structures, lymph nodes or difficult to reach goals is Stage-III. Stage IV is the tumor has assaulted assists other regions and tissues. Contingent upon the stage of Oral Cancer the sort of surgery is prescribed.

  • Tobacco and Oral diseases
  • Oral Epidemiology and Risk Factors
  • Chemotherapy of Oral Cancer and its side effects

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